What We Do



We provide training and consultancy services to schools, local authorities, businesses and voluntary groups.  We are able to do this very successfully because we provide:




All the support we provide is customised to ensure that your needs are fully met.  We are able to achieve a high level of satisfaction because our work is individually planned, implemented and evaluated.




Your training needs are tailor-made by Townsend Consultancy Ltd and can be held at your premises/work place or at another location convenient to you.




We research all projects we are involved in very carefully to ensure that we can provide appropriate advice and consultancy for you.




What are the benefits of using Townsend Consultancy Ltd?


Our advisers are specialists who:


  • Ask the right questions
  • Breathe new life into an organisation
  • Identify which things are being done correctly in your organisation
  • Pinpoint what things could be done better in your organisation
  • Identify how these improvements could be achieved
  • Motivate your staff
  • Provide training in the management of change
  • Find innovative ways to solve problems with you
  • Highlight information and insights that might not be otherwise available


Our Offer to you:


Bespoke Service

Each project that we undertake is treated uniquely so that all our customers will have a clear direction and plan of work for both the present and the future.


Value for Money

All our services are competitively priced.


Fast Response

All initial enquiries and follow up communications receive our prompt attention.


High standards

All projects that we undertake are designed to achieve the highest possible quality and to meet the expectations set by you.   You will benefit from our extensive experience and expertise which results in a service of high quality to our customers.



Our aim is to achieve the highest quality outcomes for your organisation by:


  • Building confidence through the establishment of effective partnerships with both individuals and organisations
  • Valuing everyone in your organisation through the development of an inclusive atmosphere.  We believe that an inclusive atmosphere helps everyone to thrive and enables their skills, knowledge and aptitudes to be recognised and developed.
  • Embracing differences and diversity so that everyone has an equal chance of success
  • Ensuring that considerations about sustainability are integrated into all our business decisions.
  • Communicating clearly and concisely with you, always being open and honest.
  • Going the extra mile to deliver an "extraordinary customer experience" to both internal and external customers




How do we ensure our values are maintained?



  • We listen carefully to you, we are responsive, creative and innovative.
  • We take our commitments very seriously and then we do what we say we will do
  • We do not sacrifice out future through short term gain
  • We always acknowledge and value the views and opinions of others
  • We maintain and review our quality assurance policies on an annual basis




What is our commitment to you?



Bespoke service


Each assigment/project is treated uniquely so that yo uwill have a clear direction and plan of work to enable your organisation/company to become more successful.



Vast Experience


You will benefit from our years of expereince, providing effective advisory support



Value for Money


Our services are very competitively priced



Fast Response


All initial and follow up enquiries from you will receive our prompt attention





Our Advisers have the skills and expertise to:


  • Ask the right questions
  • Breathe new life into an organisation/company
  • Help your organisation/company to find best practice
  • Identify which things are being done correctly
  • Inspire your staff
  • Coach your staff to do better
  • Help, support, train and motivate your staff
  • Identify innovative ways to solve problems with you
  • Provide information and insights that might not otherwise be available to you




What are the Benefits of using Townsend Consultancy Ltd?


  • We can save you money
  • We can save you time
  • We can improve your organisation’s effectiveness
  • No matter what size your business is, training can achieve a positive effect on staff performance and staff morale.
  • Our input can enable your staff to manage their time and workload more effectively, making you more competitive in the market place.