Researching and writing educational publications


We write regular articles for a range of educational publications. Our carefully researched articles are always bang up to date and aim to provide practical support, information and guidance to the wide range of professionals working in UK schools and other educational institutions. 



Our list of published work:


Raising standards with the pupil premium  - School Leadership Today  (On-line publication)  Issue 5.3  October 2013.  This article offers some advice about what Ofsted will be looking for in primary school spending on the pupil premium.  It takes account of changes announced by the government in September 2013 including the introduction of pupil premium plus funding in April 2014. 


Raising the bar with the pupil premium  - Croner  Education (On-line publication)  September 2013

This article looks at the ways in which academies and maintained schools can make the most effective use of their pupil premium to raise pupils' achievement.


SEN and personal budgets - SEN Leader magazine - July 2013

Under the new Special Needs Legislation that will become law in 2014 parents of children with an ECHP will be able to opt for a personal budget.  This article considers the potential impact fo schools and SENCOs.  Forum Business Media


Parent View - an update - School Inspection and Improvement magazine - May 2013

This article considers that importance of Parent View in achieving an outstanding rating in inspection, and how comments from parents are used by Ofsted.  Forum Business Media


Parental Engagement:  Changes for parents and schools SEN Leader magazine - April 2013

An overview of the SEN Green Paper's potential impact on schools' relationships with parents.  Forum Business Media


Raising Pupil Achievement through parental engagement: A practical approach - School Inspection and Improvement magazine - August 2012. This article explores how parental engagement can contribute to school improvement and in particular the role this can play in raising pupil achievement levels.  Forum Business Media


Successful Parental Engagement for School Business ManagersSchool Business Manager magazine - March 2012

Practical suggestions on how school business managers can improve parental engagement in schools.  Forum Business Media


Effective Parental Engagement  - School Inspection and Improvement magazine - February 2012

With the introduction of Parent View, parents can have a direct influence on the decision of Ofsted to inspect.  Forum Business Media


Community Cohesion UpdateGuidance for schools Toolkit - 2010

Forum Business Media


Building Links with Parents - Secondary Headship magazine 2007

New approaches to parental engagement in schools   Optimus Publishing


Schools are for Adults tooAdults Learning magazine - NIACE 2007 

How specialist schools can benefit from strong community links through their adult learning programmes.


Adult Learning in Specialist SchoolsPlanning for Effective Practice  2006

Specialist Schools and Academies Trust and NIACE

ISBN 1-905-150-63-6