Conference speakers for national conferences

Townsend Consultancy has speakers available to give presentations at courses and confernces. In 2013 Jenny Townsend, Director of Townsend Consultancy Ltd has delivered presentations at conferences on The Pupil Premium -using parental engagement to close the gap and the changes in SEN (Special Educational Needs) legislation that will be impact on schools and academies from 2014 onwards. 



Research work for a wildlife rescue centre

In 2012 Townsend Consultancy Ltd completed an educational research project for Secret World, a wildlife rescue centre in Somerset. The purpose of this project was to carry out research and prepare educational  materials for schools on nature and wildlife. The focus for this work was the study of wildlife and Somerset's farming heritage.  Resources were prepared on a range of topics including the history of farming in Somerset, fact files on wildlife, sustianability and the impact of climate change.



Linking university research outputs to the secondary school curriculum

In 2012 Townsend Consultancy Ltd worked with the Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability, University of Aberdeen, to prepare school resources which linked the research findings of scientists to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.  Click here to download the Teachers' Pack.




Helping Schools to achieve high quality parental engagement

Townsend Consultancy Ltd provides advisory support to schools to help them to engage more effectively with parents. Much has been written about the important role that parents can play in encouraging their children to learn.  Involving parents in home-school reading schemes, family literacy initiatives and other joint activities have been shown to improve children’s levels of attainment, their attitudes to learning and their levels of achievement.  We work with each school individually to improve their levels of parental engagement.  We believe that all schools: primary, secondary, special, faith, and free schools can benefit from high quality parental engagement.


Townsend Consultancy Ltd also provides support for schools that have signed up to achieve the leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA). The LPPA is a quality mark, developed by Prospects, which provides a challenging yet rewarding framework to enable schools to strengthen their partnership with parents and carers. It is a developmental process which, through the involvement of parents, staff, and pupils, aims to enhance children's life chances at all stages from nursery to secondary.  This award is designed for schools that are committed to investing in parents for the achievement of children.  Training, professional development and consultancy are provided for individual schools and organisations and for groups of schools or organisations.



Providing consultancy support for schools and academies

Townsend Consultancy Ltd provides consultancy support to a wide variety of schools:

  • Faith Schools
  • Single sex schools
  • Co-educational schools
  • Academies
  • Grammar Schools
  • Special Schools


Examples of projects have included the following:

  • Identifying barriers to underachievement and educational transformation
  • Continuing professional development
  • Providing support with the development of School Improvement Plans
  • Setting up successful adult and family learning programmes
  • Raising the levels of inclusion for students, staff and the wider school community
  • Community Cohesion and Pupil Voice, pupil surveys