Inclusive Schools

"The aim of inclusive education is to eliminate the social exclusion that is a consequence of attitudes and responses to diversity in race, social class, ethnicity, religion, gender and ability".

Vitello & Mithaug1998


"Inclusion is about engendering  a sense of community and belonging and encouraging everybody, including those with SEN, to come together and support each other".                                           

NASEN Poetry Competition flyer 2006



Inclusive Schools and Townsend Consultancy

Townsend Consultancy Ltd has worked with many schools, including academies, to successfully improve their levels of inclusion. Typically our training sessions involve a wide cross section of staff thus ensuring that the training is  inclusive in all aspects.  These events can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of a particular school.



Here is an example of a typical training day:



What is inclusion?


Why do schools need to improve their levels of inclusion?


How can improved inclusion be incorporated into the school improvement plan?



Inclusion according to school-wide principles:


•           Inclusion and the culture of the school


•           The ethos of learning and development


•           Everyone makes a positive contribution



Inclusion in the school for each of these three main groups:


•           Pupils of the school


•           Staff of the school


•           Parents and the wider community



Participants will then be encouraged (and supported by the trainer) to develop a series of realistic action points/ recommendations that the school can take forward, within an agreed time frame, to improve inclusion.  Participants will be encouraged to consider a variety of methods (not just surveys) that can be used to evaluate the success of the new interventions that they are planning to introduce.



Following the training day the course trainer will prepare a detailed written report for the school which will include all the recommendations, agreed during the training day, a time line for their implementation and creative suggestions for evaluation. This report will be sent to the school within 5 working days after training day.