What is Heritage?
"Heritage is not just about sticks and stones. It's about people's memories and it's about things making sense to people, part of the accumulated culture of their communities". 
John Yates, English Heritage.


Heritage helps us all to understand our history and identity.


Heritage Projects and Townsend Consultancy

Townsend Consultancy Ltd has completed some heritage projects.  Here are some examples of our work:



 Research work - Somerset's Farming Heritage


In 2012 Townsend Consultancy Ltd completed an educational research project for Secret World, a wildlife rescue centre in Somerset. The purpose of this project was to carry out research and prepare educational  materials for schools on nature and wildlife. The focus for this work was the study of wildlife and Somerset's farming heritage.  Resources were prepared on a range of topics including the history of farming in Somerset, fact files on wildlife, sustainability and the impact of climate change.




The history and heritage of peatlands


In 2012 Townsend Consultancy Ltd worked initally with the Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability, University of Aberdeen, and subsequently with the Centre for Environment and Society Research, Birmingham School of the Built Environment, Birmingham City University to prepare school resources which linked the research findings of scientists to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.   More specifically the aim of this project was to raise awareness amongst school pupils of the multi-faceted value/importance of peatland and upland environments, and the importance of sustainable management/restoration, leading to more positive engagement with these landscapes.  Townsend Consultancy Ltd subsequently worked with the Birmingham City University to prepare school resources which linked the research findings of environmental scientists to the Geography curriculum (A level) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.




Click on the Teachers' Resource Pack (pdf) to downlaod these resources