Environmental Sustainability



Today’s Young People - Tomorrow’s Environmental Champions


Many children growing up in the UK today have never had the opportunity to explore outdoor spaces such as gardens or more natural environments such as streams, woodlands, forests, ponds and lakes.  This may be because they have no access to a garden or perhaps they have parents who do not have the time (or the money) to take them out to visit these more rural outdoor spaces.  As a result there are generations of young people growing up who have lost their connection with wildlife in its natural habitat.  


In this time of global climatic change it has never been more important for young people (the adults of tomorrow) to develop an understanding of and respect for nature’s ecosystems where plants and animals depend on each other for survival.  It is essential that they learn about the role they can play in protecting and conserving the natural environment.



Does your organisation engage with young people, schools and/or families to help them to develop a greater understanding of sustainable issues? Would you like help in developing links to schools and/or community groups?



Let us help you to succeed!


We are a team of education consultants who are passionate about environmental sustainability. We also have the latest knowledge of educational developments and curriculum requirements within the rapidly changing face of UK Education. By using our knowledge, skills and planning expertise you will be able to effectively reach the schools’ market and achieve your objectives.


Our services – what we can offer you


* We can design and develop exciting and innovative course materials for schools to raise awareness of sustainable issues   and promote brand awareness.


* We can work with you to set up and/develop an environment programme that will include company employees on the sustainable journey into schools.


* Thinking of setting up an educational centre for schools?

Look no further. We can support you with the development of a user friendly centre ensuring that its design and development will attract schools and other groups, raise awareness about sustainable issues and as your company’s passion for promoting these


* We can carry out evaluations of existing and future environmental sustainability programmes. In this way we can help you to measure the impact of your work and assist you in making informed decisions about future investments in educational projects.



Since Townsend Consultancy Ltd was established in 2007 it has developed considerable expertise and experience in the development of high quality resources which have an environmental  sustainability theme.  Here are some examples:





The preparation of Bio-Diversity Resources for the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust


In 2015 Townsend Consultancy Ltd was commissioned by the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust to produce a package of cross-curricular education resources with a bio diversity theme that could be delivered by the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, at Greystones Farm, for schools. This work involved:

  • The production of electronic lesson plans
  • Follow-on classroom activities for teachers for all the sessions
  • Recommendations regarding further physical and online resources that could be developed to improve the package.



Research work for a wildlife rescue centre


In 2012 Townsend Consultancy Ltd completed an educational research project for Secret World, a wildlife rescue centre in Somerset. The purpose of this project was to carry out research and prepare educational  materials for schools on nature and wildlife. The focus for this work was the study of wildlife and Somerset's farming heritage.  Resources were prepared on a range of topics including the history of farming in Somerset, fact files on wildlife, sustainability and the impact of climate change. Secret World is now developing and operating an extensive learning programme, based on this work, aiming to reconnect the public with nature and to explore the farming heritage of the Somerset Levels.







Linking university research outputs to the secondary school curriculum


In 2012 Townsend Consultancy Ltd worked initally with the Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability, University of Aberdeen, and subsequently with the Centre for Environment and Society Research, Birmingham School of the Built Environment, Birmingham City University to prepare school resources which linked the research findings of scientists to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.   More specifically the aim of this project was to raise awareness amongst school pupils of the multi-faceted value/importance of peatland and upland environments, and the importance of sustainable management/restoration, leading to more positive engagement with these landscapes.  Townsend Consultancy Ltd subsequently worked with the Birmingham City University to prepare school resources which linked the research findings of environmental scientists to the Geography curriculum (A level) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Click on the Teachers' Resource Pack (pdf) on the following webpage.






Consultancy Support for a renewable energy company


In 2013 Townsend Consultancy Ltd provided educational consultancy support to the Director and the Project Team of a UK based renewable energy company.  This work involved assisting the project team in articulating the benefits of eco parks for educational purposes and highlighting the links to the secondary curriculum at Key Stage 3 and key Stage 4.  These eco parks combine the development of ground mounted solar PV farms alongside the introduction of wild flower meadows and water courses to encourage biodiversity.




Resource development for an innovative Energy Management Course


Townsend Consultancy Ltd and associates have recently developed a range of interactive teaching and learning resources for a pilot course on Energy Management that was commissioned by the Energy Managers’ Association for an independent school in London.  The aim of this pilot course has been:

  • To raise student awareness about the impact of energy consumption
  • To help students to understand the importance of energy management in the workplace
  • To encourage students to take responsibility for changing their energy consumption behaviour
  • To encourage students to influence others about their consumption of energy


The Energy Managers Association


Founded in February 2012, the EMA is the leading professional membership Association improving the position of energy management experts, establishing best practice in energy management and encouraging knowledge exchange. The Association acts as a united voice for energy managers across all industries with the aim of putting energy management at the heart of British business. It is run for the benefit of individual energy managers, and all delivered initiatives and activities, underline its energy demand focus, with energy reduction being the key driver.


In February 2016 Jenny Townsend, the Director of Townsend Consultancy Ltd, was awarded Affiliate Membership of the Energy Managers Association.