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Townsend Consultancy Ltd is a specialist provider of education consultancy services.   Our services are used by a wide range of schools in the UK (e.g. primary, secondary, academies, faith schools) as well as by further education colleges, and universities.  Our advisory services focus mainly on the following areas of school improvement:


  • Environmental sustainability for schools
  • Heritage projects for schools and charities
  • Parental engagement for schools
  • Pupil premium training for school staff
  • Improving levels of inclusion in schools


In addition, Townsend Consultancy Ltd, writes regular articles for publication. Our carefully researched articles are always bang up to date and aim to provide practical support, information and guidance to the wide range of professionals working in UK schools and other educational institutions. 



Environmental sustainability for schools



In recent years Townsend Consultancy Ltd has designed numerous educational resources on environmental sustainability for a wide range of educational institutions. In 2013, Townsend Consultancy Ltd was commissioned by the Energy Managers Association to design an innovative pilot course on energy management for pupils at Highgate School in North London to introduce them to Energy Management as a career path. This course was designed with a wide range of experiential opportunities and concrete examples of energy management in real work situations. The aims of this course were:

  • To raise student awareness about the impact of energy consumption
  • To help students to understand the importance of energy management in the workplace
  • To encourage students to take responsibility for changing their energy consumption behaviour
  • To encourage students to influence others about their consumption of energy

For the second year running Jenny Townsend, the Director of Townsend Consultancy spoke at the EMEX (The Energy Management Exhibition) on the 12th November 2015 at the EXCEL Centre in London. EMEX is the energy management show that connects all energy users with leading experts, policy makers, suppliers and technical solutions. This marketplace includes a free to attend conference programme that will help you control energy costs, gain industry insights, source innovations, share knowledge and stay up to date with the latest and upcoming legislative changes and how these are affecting businesses in the UK.




Heritage Projects


Somerset’s Farming Heritage


In 2012 Townsend Consultancy Ltd completed an educational research project for Secret World, a wildlife rescue centre in Somerset. The purpose of this project was to carry out research and prepare educational materials for schools on nature and wildlife. The focus for this work was the study of wildlife and Somerset's farming heritage.  Resources were prepared on a range of topics including the history of farming in Somerset, fact files on wildlife, sustainability and the impact of climate change.


The history and heritage of Peatlands


In 2012 Townsend Consultancy Ltd worked initially with the Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability, University of Aberdeen, and subsequently with the Centre for Environment and Society Research, Birmingham School of the Built Environment, Birmingham City University to prepare school resources which linked the research findings of scientists to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.   More specifically the aim of this project was to raise awareness amongst school pupils of the multi-faceted value/importance of peatland and upland environments, and the importance of sustainable management/restoration, leading to more positive engagement with these landscapes.  Townsend Consultancy Ltd subsequently worked with the Birmingham City University to prepare school resources which linked the research findings of environmental scientists to the Geography curriculum (A level) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.



Parental engagement for schools


The August 2015 Ofsted Inspection Framework for Schools


The August 2015 Ofsted Inspection Framework continues to value the work that schools and academies do to engage effectively with parents. One of the Grade Descriptors for assessing the effectiveness of leadership and management, at an outstanding school, requires leaders and governors to "have a deep, accurate understanding of the school's effectiveness informed by the views of pupils, parents, and staff".  They should "use this to keep the school improving by focussing on the impact of their actions in key areas".

When it comes to assessing the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, one of the Grade Descriptors states that, at an outstanding school, parents must be "provided with clear and timely information on how well their child is doing in relation to the standards expected.  Parents are given guidance about how to support their child to improve".


Parental Engagement effectiveness within Early Years Provision


When inspectors judge the overall quality and standards of the early years provision they must take into account "how well all staff work with parents, engage them in their children's learning and keep them informed about their children's achievements and progress".  One of the grade descriptors, used by inspectors to judge whether the provision is outstanding, states that leaders are expected to "use highly successful strategies to engage parents and carers, including those from different groups, in their children's learning in school and at home".


How we can help


We provide training and advisory services to schools and local authorities in order to improve outcomes for all young people.  We have extensive experience of helping schools (primary, secondary) to successfully engage with all groups of parents, sometimes in very innovative ways.  Our work is often focussed in schools which are located in areas of high deprivation.  Our work has helped parents to increase their levels of confidence, involvement and understanding of their own children’s development and education resulting in many improvements such as:  improved standards of attendance, behaviour and achievement by pupils at school, as well as increased numbers of parents who have become actively involved in their children’s learning.



Pupil premium training for school staff


Improving standards in primary and secondary schools continues to be a priority for the coalition government.  The Pupil Premium has been raised to £1,300 per disadvantaged primary school pupil in 2014/15.   By 2016 primary schools will be expected to have at least 85 per cent of their 11 year olds achieving a new and altogether more challenging threshold to ensure that they are ready for secondary school.  Under these plans the government wants parents to be given more information about how their child is doing (including a comparison with their peers on a national basis).


If your school would like any advice and support with meeting these new targets, please contact Townsend Consultancy today to find out how we can help





Researching and writing educational publications


We write regular articles for a range of educational publications. Our carefully researched articles are always bang up to date and aim to provide practical support, information and guidance to the wide range of professionals working in UK schools and other educational institutions. For a list of our published works please click on the link below to visit our Publications page



Delivering high quality continuing professional development for schools


We provide training to help schools, both primary and secondary, to improve all aspects of their continuing professional development such as: the development of innovative approaches to leadership and management, pupil voice, quality assurance, overall school improvement strategies, delegation, coaching and mentoring skills, and CPD delivery and partnerships. 



Improving levels of inclusion in schools


We can provide training and support to assist schools, both primary and secondary, in improving their levels of inclusion for pupils, staff and the wider school community.  All areas of school life are explored to identify where inclusive practices could be improved, for example:  equal opportunities, attitudes and values, staffing, community involvement, student participation, achievement and performance management.




To find out more about our work please visit the relevant pages on our website.